Modi’s Hectic November!


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“Modi! Modi! Modi!” chanted the crowd, which seemed to have learnt from watching the videos of his speech in New York. With hands going up like a slanted salute to take mobile phone snap shots, it appeared like they were … Continue reading


Anzac and India: A shared but forgotten camaraderie


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World War 1 continues to be remembered a century later, and the Indian troops who fought in various sectors are being acknowledged now more than ever before. Gallipoli and Anzac has emerged as a unifying national event in Australia and New Zealand and the significant Indian contribution needs to be celebrated alongside. Continue reading

Afghanistan: Struggle from the past … a brief history


I have made this a three-part write up on Afghanistan. This is a brief history of the region. Afghanistan seems to have historical events repeating very quickly and that needs to be highlighted. I hope its future is not going … Continue reading



My interest in regional security led me to read more about Afghanistan.  A country that has seen misery, and which is in an unfortunate position to offer geo strategic value to the super powers and comparatively little natural resources. If … Continue reading

Songs of Blood and Sword – Fatima Bhutto


Songs of Blood and Sword, by Fatima Bhutto throws more light on the fibre of Pakistani politics. It altered my impressions and complemented my reading of The Last Mughal Emperor, by William Dalrymple, and Cross Swords by Shuja Nawaz. Politics … Continue reading