The shooting down of MH17

The world will speculate on the causes that led to this tragic event. Many processes are gone through before identifying an aircraft as friend or foe. In this case I wonder if any chain of identification, challenge and delegation of authority to engage transpired.

There are innumerable layers of checks before the trigger is actually pulled. For example:¬†Japan ¬†scrambles its Air Defence hundreds of times a year due to territorial issues with China and Russia. Recently the Indian Airforce scrambled to an civilian aircraft coming in from Pakistan. Countries just don’t shoot down aircraft at will.

The missile system, apparently not a system in this case, is a loose cannon, firing away at will.

The incident raises questions of motives for such a dastardly act. Looking at it from a cause and effect angle, the international focus is now on this combat zone. The future pressures will be on demanding and coercing the adversaries to conform to some rules in an era where the idea of a state control over rules of engagement has lost the plot. Russia and the rebels, despite any apology, seem to be in denial of the whole incident.

I recall reading about the command and control of tactical nuclear weapons. Destructive weapons need responsible command and control structures, with levels of delegation of authorities to engage. Its absence will make it just another terrorist organisation.

While the perpetrators would like the world believe this to be an accident or a case of mistaken identity, there lurks a possibility of sinister intentions in some quarters. Terrorism seems to have moved beyond Kalashnikov’s AK 47.

Its time there be some serious restrictions and global agreements on manufacture and distribution of arms. What happened to Geneva Conventions ? Will this be a

call to get responsible states to agree and enforce some action against stateless actors?

MH17, the crew and passengers came to a tragic end, for no fault of theirs, because mankind knows not how to live in peace and harmony!

May they rest in peace.


One thought on “The shooting down of MH17

  1. Ominous portent! The world needs to come up with adequate response to such acts of terror in international space. We shudder to think about the consequences……

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