Silky slippery roads: Indian and Chinese diplomacy


Medieval diplomacy, border incursions and balance of power ideas detract the relations between China and India. There is no end in sight to this game and an underlying distrust frames the relations. This is unlike the how these nations treat western powers, or do they live in their shadow of influence. China and India have a lot to gain by developing a mutual trust. Continue reading




My interest in regional security led me to read more about Afghanistan.  A country that has seen misery, and which is in an unfortunate position to offer geo strategic value to the super powers and comparatively little natural resources. If … Continue reading

China deploys advanced n-missile on Indian border: US – Indian Express

Gallery In the nuclear warhead count China definitely has more than India. Some of it will be deployed against India for geo strategic supremacy. This can not be denied, but the news has little value in improving relationships with China. … Continue reading

Over the top – Masood Hasan

Over the top – Masood Hasan  (click to read the article)

It is not uncommon in history when women, the most beautiful, have been sent to soften up relations. It will be a bias to do down a woman who flaunts her beauty and style. The article by a Pakistani, is in praise of Indian lifestyle and humbleness.

Personalities are not the issue, it is a question of ending conflict and ensuring lasting peace. Indo-Pak talks go on and on, nothing really happens and perhaps that is the intention. The charade has new characters, Hina the latest.

If it is going to be war on high heels, Pak knows well that India has a larger, matching and bolder armoury, so bring it on!  

All friends and not masters! – the game


US –Pak relationship came under some scrutiny and suspicion immediately and weeks after OBL was taken out by US Navy seals. The issue is going to become redundant sooner or later. The 23rd May issue of the Time magazine, carries … Continue reading