No Gurkhas in overseas Armies?


I cannot fathom why the Nepalese parliament would ban overseas recruitment of Gurkhas, unless it sees its nationals fighting against each other for two warring countries. In which case a conflict of interest with Nepal’s foreign policy is significant. This … Continue reading


Anarchy in London – moving on

The special session of the British Parliament was a trying time for the Prime Minister. A few aspects emerged among the pastoral notes of MPs lamenting the plight of their constituencies. After incidents have happened, many bring up the inadequacy of the system to quell the violence and heated emotions question the actions or inactions of those in government. The riots in England do not reflect a political disaffection or a communal disharmony even though they possibly could be the genesis of the problem. Cameron rightly alluded to parenting and negligence of society to address social issues.  Unfortunately the debate ran around more police on the ground, water cannons and raising more police. Why do we always try to fix problems by creating more problems impacting economy and society? More violence begets more of it. It is the law of nature. Alas for the world it is violence we know best and we take comfort in the fact that there will be more around. Non violence needs to be nurtured … you are right David Cameron; get on to the parenting stuff!

The stolen stuff has already got on to online auctions. I hope it will help catch the looters. There will be definite sentences for the crimes.