Lone Survivor

220px-Lone_Survivor_posterLast Sunday afternoon after a grand lunch the idea of watching a movie came up. Google Play has enough to watch by way of movies, but then most of it has been watched. The latest releases are for the movie halls and not available for Sunday afternoon time killers. After getting sick of all the CGI movies I wanted toe see some real factual stuff. Lone Survivor came up as the best bid.

Being a veteran gunner and knowing a lot about where to park the King’s balls, the movie kept me enwrapped. It can keep anyone in that state with all the cliffhanger situations that the four US Navy seals face.

It’s a great movie and very well directed. The thing that raises questions in my mind is to do with the fact that it is a true story and the lack of basic infantry tactics. I must confess that I am no expert on Navy Seal operational methods, but basic survival tactics seemed to be missing from the action. For instance the strength of the patrol is hardly big enough to take on any opposition.

Recce patrols as a rule do not engage with the enemy, unless cornered. They were supposed to just observe and get away. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have taken the goatherds to the top of the feature and kept them tied or lying on the ground face down.

In an asymmetrical war everyone in the weaker side is the enemy. The communications failed, the Apache close support was not available when needed … all that can happen and will happen in real life. But, yes but, and not with any hindsight I can say that there is always a plan B for everything.

Through out the movie I felt that the US hasn’t learnt much about the history Afghanistan. More so about Khyber Pass and the routing of the British through clever ambushes which only the knowledge of the land and a resolute fighting calibre can bring forth.

Notwithstanding my take on USN Seal’s tactics, the movie is definitely¬†worth watching and hats off to the Lone Survivor and his mates, they did what they could and fought bravely to the last man, who survived!

Lone Survivor is a must watch


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