How to loose weight got from the energy glut

Global fatness is a reality. Weight loss is an industry that has come up as a result of it. A simple way out of it is to walk more.

Here are some facts about weight and tips to loose it:

  1. You are not born fat; you become fat as you grow.
  2. Fat cells multiply in number with growth and if you limit the number as you grow to you can get back to where you were. Compare it to number of balloons and not size.
  3. Growth generally takes place until you are 20 years old.
  4. After that the cells do not multiply, but only enlarge. Compare this to how large each balloon can get.
  5. Metabolism is the process of converting food energy as nutrients to output energy. When you are young metabolism is higher and diminishes with age.
  6. Your body structure too plays a part. If the alignment of your spinal cord and backbone do not support the organs, then metabolism is affected. This is easily  corrected by exercising the right muscles.
  7. There are three things needed to get the want results: physical, mental and diet. You are what you eat, think, and do.
  8. Food is medicine. It can make or kill you.
  9. You have to have a desire to get trim and look the way you want. Set a goal, a small one that can be achieved, and move from there.
  10. A balanced diet is necessary. Muscle groups need protein and water. The brain requires carbohydrates; a lack of it will make you dizzy and weak. The body requires fat for a certain purpose.
  11. The body can balance out weight merely by having a balanced diet with the right nutrients.
  12. A visit to a nationalist may be worth it. Look for one who has trained people to be in competitions such as body sculpting.
  13. If you are following everything right and still not losing weight, then you need to do a thyroid test. The thyroids affect metabolism. Check your basal temperature (as soon as you get up) over three consecutive days. Determine if it is above or below the normal temperature for human beings.
  14. If your thyroids are weak, then you need to correct it by having thyroid tablets available in sports stores. Take tablets on recommendations; try taking virgin or pure coconut oil instead. This will enhance metabolism.
  15. A gym work out must comprise aerobics, stretching, aerobics, weight training, stretching.
  16. Bring your heart rate up say for 5 minutes before stretching, then a 20’ walking/running/cycling programme, followed by weight training, and stretching.
  17. You have to weight train the major muscle groups. These are your back, hamstrings, thighs, and butt. Larger muscles burn more calories and increase your metabolism.
  18. Include composite, complex exercises in your regimen like swimming and spin cycling.
  19. The most important component is the mind. You have to motivate yourself. This is the hardest part. So start from here. The programme needs to be simple and sustainable.

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