Endeavours within a democracy: The case of One Rank One Pension


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To proclaim patriotism is a popular act, at least politically. To make use of patriotism is a plank of a nationalist and is the first recourse of every politician. Who will vote anyone to power if they did not speak … Continue reading


India Isn’t ‘Open for Business’ Yet – Bloomberg View


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I came across this article –  (see link below) which echoes a shared feeling that Modi will have difficulty translating his successes at a state level into a national one. Of course he will! Analysts and even sceptics know that … Continue reading

Crony capitalism a big threat to countries like India, RBI chief Raghuram Rajan says – The Times of India


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Crony capitalism a big threat to countries like India, RBI chief Raghuram Rajan says – The Times of India. That the government does good is something that I have held on to almost as a belief, in comparison to what … Continue reading

Defence reboot policy: Revamp R&D, simplify weapons purchase – The Times of India


Is India’s nationalism going to blind its economic growth? The Modi government has moved swiftly to announce new measures which change the way things are usually done. This is a welcome change that dynamic leaders bring in, but how deep are the effects for the common man to grasp is the question. Continue reading

Rahul or Modi


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There is a buzz and news about Rahul or Modi who could be the next prime minister of India. There are many gaps before the 2014 elections. A brief look at the reasons why one could succeed to end up being the prime minister is in trying to understand Indian party politics. Is there a changed international relations expectation from the new prime minster? Continue reading

Viva la General – adieu


The saga of the date of birth of General Singh though a reality has been used to get a preferred general to the chiefs position. It is an action taken to remedy a previous favouritism. Can one wrong correct another or can this right correct an older wrong. This is a story of revenge or is it of righteousness. The nett result is that maybe a doubtful character is ending up as chief. This alas can not be proved as there is government bias over who can be chief. Continue reading

The January night Raisina Hill was spooked: Two key Army units moved towards Delhi without notifying Govt – Indian Express


Click here: The Indian Express article This release of this outdated news heightens the rift between the Army and the Government. I hope it is not what I think it is … a bit of izzat  taken a bit too far, … Continue reading

9/11 and India …


The recent bomb blasts in New Delhi, the high alert in New York and a sense déjà vu has made the world stand on an edge again because of terrorism. The fact of this asymmetrical war is that a few … Continue reading

Ipaidabribe some statistics

Below you will find an analysis of bribes paid in lakhs in major cities. Now this is from the website www.ipaidabribe.com

In the first instance the statistics present a skewed picture showing Bangalore to be the most corrupt. This maybe true, but what it doesn’t bring out is the sample size. Bangalore has always been a middle class, educated city … thanks to Nehru’s socialism. Five major public sector firms were started in the 50’s and the current IT euphoria and progress can be attributed to generations of middle class educated living there.

I refuse to believe lower levels in Mumbai, Delhi or Calcutta. They have greater populations, it is just that they are not reported or captured in the statistics. Education therefore remains the key to managing corruption and not an andolan of sorts.

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