The war on Libya

The world is getting more violent be it natural or man-made disasters. The earthquakes in Asia just pipped the war in Libya. Being a former military man, I often wonder what the Coalition troops are being told in their motivation to go to war. Are they defending their post or country or is this an ideology that is under threat. If one goes by media reports it appears that morality is definitely on the side of the bigger guns. The fact that war is business is not known to soldiers. Libya is oil rich and a contributes to African solidarity. Gaddafi, Saddam, Mao or Idi Amin can all be put into the same category and if morals and ideology are set aside Bush, Obama, and the coalition can be put in the same basket. Eventually they all are responsible for chaos and loss of life.

Thanks to the media, responsible or otherwise, everyone including the soldiers will know that they have had been had. Soldiers often realise this when they leave the service as veterans and fade away. I guess wars were fought for the same reasons as they are today, just that information didn’t fly so fast across the globe.

We are definitely not moving towards a non-violent world. The coalition forces is will later appear to be that of the unwilling. I saw several interviews of academics from the middle east speaking about the people’s movements demanding a change in governments across the Arab world, and they all insisted that that it was not anti-Americanism, but people wanting a change. A bit hard to believe these western educated academics!

Movements require some sort of leadership to plan and execute. Money is a key factor. A nucleus of discontent needs to be created to build the snow ball around it.

OK … we want to see a democratic world … so we get rid of all the despots who don’t toe our commercial line. Does democracy really work? Do we have to die for it? One model or size does not fit all … see Africa struggling to fit a tribal society into a nationalistic one constitution one leader model! Constitutional despotism has prevailed and all other forms of governance just wiped out. One can argue that one day the whole world will be a democracy, with power still vested in a few, but a better world. I do believe democracy is the ultimate goal … only can we stop bloodshed on the way to it.

Is this a just war or yet another military mis adventure?


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