Lone Survivor


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Last Sunday afternoon after a grand lunch the idea of watching a movie came up. Google Play has enough to watch by way of movies, but then most of it has been watched. The latest releases are for the movie … Continue reading


Afghanistan a 1000 year war or can it be shortened?


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William Dalrymple’s view on the Afghan issue being a manifest of India-Pakistan conflicts seems to be a statement that will not go down well. It seems to reflect his lack of understanding of the region despite his excellent research reflected in his writings. The future of Afghanistan is on a slender thread. Elections are not far and will they bring Karzai back. Continue reading

All friends and not masters! – the game


US –Pak relationship came under some scrutiny and suspicion immediately and weeks after OBL was taken out by US Navy seals. The issue is going to become redundant sooner or later. The 23rd May issue of the Time magazine, carries … Continue reading