No Gurkhas in overseas Armies?


I cannot fathom why the Nepalese parliament would ban overseas recruitment of Gurkhas, unless it sees its nationals fighting against each other for two warring countries. In which case a conflict of interest with Nepal’s foreign policy is significant. This … Continue reading


How to lose weight and keep it that way


It was the American insurance companies that introduced the idea of the height-weight chart. They wanted people to be fit and claim free, alas by a standard assuming one size fits all.  There may be numerous researches to show the … Continue reading

The Energy Glut


An interesting co-relation between energy, fatness and global warming is of relevance today. Perhaps not entirely, as I wonder if it really affects some parts of the world where human energy is utilized to optimum levels. I was not totally convinced after watching the Inconvenient Truth, which spoke of … Continue reading