Six party talks moving on

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North Korea and the five in Six Party Talks

Six Party Talks

North Korean Soldiers

This time they kind of asked for it. There is good reason for it. To understand the issue of the talks will read like a book of disagreements and not adhering to conditions and rules. Bottom line is that the International community wants North Korea to de-nuclearise and they in turn have conditions to be fulfilled. Historically the North Koreans have been dragging their feet to close down their nuclear programme.

Russia’s takes a lead in getting North Korea to accept the proposals

The Nuclear issues are North Korea’s only card against the rest (read west). Why would a nation hold its own in the face of such opposition? North Korea’s first vice foreign minister Kim Kye-Gwan was scheduled to meet last Thursday with First Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov and Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov, in Moscow. Morgulov could sound tough when he says that there will be no alternatives to the six party talks and that they will speak to their N Korean partners. North Korea has many strings attached to it … a Russian one and definitely a Chinese one. It yet retains the ability to be a  loose cannon with its nuclear programme.

No chance of a solution to ‘peace’ on the Korean Peninsula

North Korea has vowed never to give up its nuclear power but says it is open to direct talks with the United States. Kim late last month discussed restarting the six-party talks in Beijing with China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi. This is at the core of its thinking even while the community is seeking a diplomatic and political solution to the deconstructing or dissolving the North Korean plan. In reality if one sees the genesis of these talks North Korea has kept its side by allowing inspections and cooperating, while the others have not moved forward to fulfill their part of the story.

How will the talks affect the South Asian situation?

It will be interesting know the outcomes in the wake of a change of guard in the Af-Pak region. While this is being written there is a major terrorist attack in Bodh Gaya, the birth place of Buddha. Ironic as the war on terror is still far from reaching any end.

How do you think it will affect Pakistan? Or, is too far fetched to find a connection between the Six Party Talks and the region’s balance? I do vaguely remember India seeking observer status in the talks. In today’s round up I read about New Zealand seeking a role in the talks.




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