Is the war within Libya over?

The war in Libya appears to be over, but could be far from it. Qaddafi has asked for refuge in the Arab countries, and hopefully someone will oblige unless their handlers wish otherwise. Many questions about him need be asked. The fact that he was a dictator can not be denied but how did he remain in power for some 40 years if he was so unpopular. The man had some positive stuff about him despite the aura of an evil man. In his good side he stood by black Africa, but partnered with the likes of Idi Amin. He was for African solidarity and was quite ‘non islamic’ and moderate with the Libyan society. Check out this article: The Qaddafi I Know that elaborates more.

Libya and Iraq need to be compared for continued unrest and perpetual violence. In the case of Iraq, their standing army was ignored and a hornets nest ensued. ( see By the Weight of a Mustard Seed) Now in Libya’s new found freedom the foundations of armed anarchy are being sown.

Mahmoud Jibril, the head of the National Transitional Council ( the rebel organisation) is seeking the the release of frozen assets to run the country. In short, the future of Libya is squarely in the hands of some 30 nations who are going to decide on its future. Another Iraq in the making or just another dictator?

I wonder why they did not wait for the African Union to resolve Libya’s woes. The opposition has won with military intervention and not support. Jibril will have a tough time controlling the hordes of youth running around with arms in a factious tribal society.


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