Ipaidabribe some statistics

Below you will find an analysis of bribes paid in lakhs in major cities. Now this is from the website www.ipaidabribe.com

In the first instance the statistics present a skewed picture showing Bangalore to be the most corrupt. This maybe true, but what it doesn’t bring out is the sample size. Bangalore has always been a middle class, educated city … thanks to Nehru’s socialism. Five major public sector firms were started in the 50’s and the current IT euphoria and progress can be attributed to generations of middle class educated living there.

I refuse to believe lower levels in Mumbai, Delhi or Calcutta. They have greater populations, it is just that they are not reported or captured in the statistics. Education therefore remains the key to managing corruption and not an andolan of sorts.

Source: www.ipaidabribe.com
Bribe Analytics
Bribe Reports 13523 Value Rs. 333,472,847
Top 5 Cities (Bribe amount in Rs lakhs)
  • 1034 Bangalore
  • 418 Mumbai
  • 188 New Delhi
  • 171 Hyderabad
  • 152 Kolkata

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