How far should India go with Afghanistan?

Indian Strategic Studies: Afghanistan: Not for us to clean up..

 How far should India go with Afghanistan?

Please refer to the article linked above, a nice one.

They are just like any region in the world that defies the theory of nations. It is unwise to go where
there has been instability for centuries even if strategically speaking it makes sense for India to invest militarily in the region which it has been doing for a while. Also develop a great relationship with the central Asian states.

Eve Torres and Barbie Blank

Eve Torres and Barbie Blank in Afghanistan.

I feel the most peaceful time in Afghanistan was the immediate period before 9/11. But it was not so for the rest of the world. Pashtun region is just like any region between international boundaries. They are hardy fighters, but chose to fight instead of aligning with anyone in in History, The Afghan region upto Amu Darya is quite different from the North of it. This region, and through current day Pakistan, supported all invasions into India. Mongols (Mughal) and many invaders came through this region. Creation of Pakistan to some extent, was meant to be a buffer state which was mismanaged. We do need to have a stake in Afghanistan’s progress it is in our interest as well as Afghanistan.

India needs access to this region, it is the Islamic Depth which Pakistan wants to cultivate based on an India threat perception. In the run up to develop a strategic relationship with the Central States, Afghanistan is a key factor.
To invest militarily would be foolish. Development is the key for which India must participate in the building up of state institutions in Afghanistan through training, bilateral dialogue and sharing of intelligence. The BJP could do well by taking the Kashmir factor out of the Indo-Pak equation through making Article 370 a modified toned down version catering only for the nature of social norms across the borders in Uri, Punch,and other such districts.



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