God made man but Kalaschnikow made them equal!

Kalaschnikow and the global arms trade

The Worlds favourite small arms

The Worlds favourite small arms

There is a saying : ‘God made all men , but Kalaschnikow made them equal. It has also been said of Samuel Colt. Both inventors and designers of small arms at different times in history.

Small arms cause the most destruction, in the current world it has surpassed bombs. There is a huge arms trade linked to it. I was delighted to read this article which is noteworthy written by an award winning writer whom I acknowledge.

Australia takes a look at curbing global conflicts through voicing against small arms

I came across this article from Lowy Institute. You should read this as it will be the first step to understanding the benefactors of conflict.

Small weapons of mass destruction: Why Australia should lead the global charge against small arms.

small arms have led to SENSELESS loss of life in recent times yet there is no shift in policy

In today’s conflicts there is very little use of heavier weapons. In asymmetrical warfare, which is terrorism in a way small arms play a vital role. Terror attacks are generally with bobs and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) as they cause a greater shock effect than rifle fire. Whereas in sectarian conflict, mostly in the middle east and insurgency areas, the rifle assumes a greater role. It is easy to train and has led to child soldiers who know how to use them but are unaware of the consequences.

What can be said when there are lobby groups, ‘national’ cultures that support the use of small arms. In the US alone in recent times there have been mindless shootings all because of the easy availability of small arms.

Kalaschnikow is not ready to take responsibility for the misuse of his inventions. He invented them at a time when it was a patriotic duty to defend his country.

Mankind finds ways to cull itself!

What do you think? Will the world ever get rid of these means of death?



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