Over the weekend I saw two documentaries, which presented two sides of the same coin, i.e.: The Arab-Israeli Conflict. The versions or perceptions come from unexpected quarters, but provide enough information to know that there is a ray, a very slender ray of hope for peace, which could do with some promotion!

Some questions arise:

(a) Can there be peace in the region? There are optimists on both sides.
(b) Can we hold history to be the cause of present day conflict, alternatively can we hold religious dogma to be the eternal cause, even while considering the fact that people did live in harmony prior to 1947?
(c) Is it about land, or about the matter of removing a population from a region or keeping alive the interests of super powers in the post war world. (Sounds a bit ancient, but the US and former USSR both have contributed arms to the region).
(d) Why are rockets aimed at the Israelis when the HAMAS knows they will be crushed by the IDF?
(e) Who is David and who is Goliath?

Who bears the brunt? As of now the Gazan’s are victims and casualties of this bitter conflict in large numbers. Alas children seem to be the victims in the region.

The philosophies expressed in the videos point towards hope, and that is why I like them. The other aspect is the premise that one can not talk about this subject without being on one side or the other. Really?

Gaza resounds in my ear, several times and over the years for different reasons. Capt Gurbachan Singh Salaria of the Indian Army was honoured posthumously with a PVC for laying down his life in the Gaza strip as part of the UN Peacekeeping forces. The fact was repeated each term at the passing out parades during my cadet days. Earlier in time, my father and several Indian Army soldiers were in Trans Jordan – Egypt area as part of the 8th Army. Last but not the least, it is in the news several times, year after year since 1947!

Here are the videos … watch them if you haven’t before (takes more than an hour each).


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