China deploys advanced n-missile on Indian border: US – Indian Express

In the nuclear warhead count China definitely has more than India. Some of it will be deployed against India for geo strategic supremacy. This can not be denied, but the news has little value in improving relationships with China.

As regards development of infra structure along borders, the question to ask is why aren’t India’s eastern borders as developed as its western ones. Do we have a preference of threat? China is in a position to influence events in our sub continent as much as India can. India can compete with China in several areas and also work with them. We need to keep our neighbourhood peaceful. The old game of balance of power, geo strategic dominance and resultant arms race holds a diminished value in the current context. It is trade and partnerships that forge prosperity that needs to drive our strategic relationships.

Articles such as these unfortunately keep the negative aspects of relationship alive. OK we have the Pentagon’s assessment, do we have one of our own to put in the press?


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